Course report

Course reports follow a general structure, which makes it clear to the reader where certain information will appear. Therefore, it is crucial that you stick to these conventions in your course reports.

Intended for: BSc, MSc

A course report needs to contain the following sections, which we discuss in more detail below: 


Length: ~0.5-1 page. 

Content: Write a brief introduction to your report, where you provide a high level overview: 


Length: ~2-4 pages.

Content: Write a methodology section, in which you 1) describe the algorithm/method you studied, and 2) detail the experimental set-up.  


Length: ~2-4 pages

Content: When generating results, simply keep asking yourself: what do I want to learn next about this problem and the possible solutions. Afterwards, you summarize the outcomes of this process to the reader. Think about: 

Afterwards, write a results section: 


Length: ~1 page. 

Content: In the Discussion you reflect on you work, primarily discussing: 


Length: ~1 paragraph. 

Content: In the Conclusion you summarize the overall story of your report. Describe in one paragraph:  

Note: You may also merge the Discussion and Conclusion together into a single section (which you either call “Discussion” or “Conclusion”). 

References (optional)

Length: From a few to as many as you need.   

Content: You can use references to indicate the origin of ideas in you text.