Finding Related Work

You often need to read up on new topics, which may feel challenging. However, there is a generic recipe that may simplify this process a lot. 

Intended for: MSc, PhD

1. Identify relevant keywords for your topic.   

Scholar search for the keyword "model-based reinforcement learning".

2. Identify & read relevant surveys. 

Survey/review articles provide a structured overview of all work done on a certain topic. You can see them as papers with exclusive (but very extensive) related work and future work sections, which may save you a lot of time (directly providing the overview you seek).  

3. Identify relevant research papers ('hooks') & read Related Work sections. 

4. Perform a forward and/or backward search from a relevant paper. 

Note: You can of course use blog posts to read up on a topic, but try to check their quality (which is of course hard to assess if you are still reading up on a topic). Their quality varies a lot. Eventually, text books, research papers and blog posts from known researchers are the safest bet when it comes to new information.