Studying course material

Courses form the main part of your studies, and it is therefore vital to have a clear approach for studying course material. 

Intended for: BSc, MSc

a. Actively process your study material (write along): This is subjective advise, but according to me the most important one.

b. Continuously ask yourself: Why?  This is the main question you should continuously ask yourself (and your teacher). 

c. Build your high-level picture. Related to the previous topic, but always pay attention to the high-level picture: the connections between methods in the course, and the relation to other courses.

d. Focus on learning progress (and your grades will follow). Easier said then done, since grades are so important in a competitive society. But it takes away much of your possible pleasure in studying. Interestingly, when you focus on your learning progress, your grades usually follow.  

e. Start early. A million people probably already told you this, so I won't go into much detail, but: