General advice

You will often need to present: in courses, for a thesis defense, for your colleagues, at a conference. There are several guidelines to make these presentation effective, which we will cover in this section. At this page we start with some general presentation guidelines.

Intended for: BSc, MSc, PhD

 Don't make your presentation with the default black-arial-letters-on-white-background: it directly signals you did not really make an effort. Take half an hour once to pick/build a nice slide design for all your future presentations. 

This is really the worst idea ever. We all know these presentations where the speaker has exactly memorized every word, and is just monotonically repeating these. It's your best bet to lose all attention. 

Some people bring a cheatsheet, either on paper or at their laptop screen, to remember every detail they really really need to mention at a specific slide. Don't do this. Everybody is looking at your slides, and you are as well, so you get your cheat sheet for free! Simply make your own slides your guideline through your own talk.